Founding ECL

Our co-founders talk about building a remote controlled cloud lab

Listen to our co-founders talk about their background, early days of co-founding a company, and what ECL is doing today with John Conway on his vodcast, Rockstars of R&D.

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The convergence of highly automated cloud labs and AI represents a new frontier in modern research and will dramatically accelerate scientific innovation by advancing the efforts of human researchers and helping them maximize the potential of their research. The synergy created by a new digital workflow where researchers utilize a single computer interface to design, run and analyze experiments in cloud lab environments with the aid of large language models will allow researchers to spend more time developing novel approaches to experiment design and analyzing results, and less time on manual, time-intensive tasks in the lab.

The ECL provides significant value over the path of performing…

How third party interpretation of your methods lies at the heart of the many hidden costs associated with outsourcing work to CROs.

There are many hidden assumptions in the design and operation…